The TWA: Cute Teeny Weeny Afro’s

The secret to good-looking hair is a good hairstyle, not the size. In fact, you should see some completely bald models you will be stunned. Anyway, back to the issue at hand, teeny-weeny Afro, or the TWA. These styles have the potential to look really stunning if you manage and style them properly, and also have the benefit of ease of management. Here is a look at some hairstyles that would look perfect.

1. Finger Coils This is the most common and easiest hairstyle associated with TWAs and the amazing thing is it never loses its effects. Designing your afro into this design does not take much really, all you have to do is wash your hair, apply a moisturizer and roll your fingers around your hair to make coils in it. You can do this anywhere and at any time, and manage its look easily by just rolling your fingers in it every now and then. The moisturizer however ensures that the coils maintain their look for a considerable period of time. Cheap, easy and beautiful, but also can be considered a medium hairstyle for thick hair types.

2. Flat Twists This TWA stands out and is great if you want to conceal the real length of your hair. You can also use these to make your TWA shiner. You can design your afro in two designs using this style. First, you can flat-twist only a part of your hair, mostly from the front going back or any other side depending on your preference and coil the rest and leave it standing. This style simply looks great. You can also twist the full length of your afro to make it look like corn rolls and still stand out.

3. Two-Strand Twists Two strand twists work on short natural hairstyles and the TWA. This style is also beautiful but it has one setback, the size of your afro. It is not possible for people with very short afros since for the twists to hold you need a certain length of hair strands, say 2’’. If you have the right sized teeny weeny afro , all you need to do is twist the strands from bottom to top, and remember to make them firm to prevent them from loosening up. This too does not need a lot of time, or money for that fact and maintaining it is easy too.

4. Bantu Knot Out Now this is a hairstyle that you do not see every day. It is really beautiful and unique, and the trick is easy to get. Just grab strands of your TWA, twist it neatly from bottom to top and then twirl it around itself to form a knot, this knot really brings a beautiful and unique look to your head. Again, easy, cheap and lovely. Perhaps the best thing about the teeny weeny is that you can change them as frequently as you wish since they are easy and fast to make. The teeny weeny afro is also very easy to maintain, only requiring an occasional moisturizer, hair oils and a good wash. Also, make use of hair accessories like ribbons, clips and headbands to complement your hair and you can be guaranteed of a great look. That is how beautiful and easy these hairstyles are. To see more you can also view some of the top twa’s based on age.